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"I love my biweekly program with FreedomBiWeekly.com, I love that I get email reminders reminding me when I have a payment draft coming up. I also love the tracking features that show me how much money I am saving each month. It really helps me to stay motivated to pay off my mortgage as quickly as possible." -Janice B. New Jersey

"My realtor told me about the FreedomBiWeekly.com early mortgage payoff program when we bought our first home last year. We have already saved over $8000 in interest in just 1 year." -Alex C. Idaho

"Once I learned I could make mortgage payments biweekly it was the answer to our budgeting problems. We now know that we will have enough money each month to payoff our mortgage." - Angelie M. Alabama

"I definitely recommend the FreedomBiWeekly.com program to anyone who wants to pay off their mortgage early. Your tools and software are the best. I watch practically every dollar I spend now cause I'm so obsessed with paying as much toward my mortgage each month especially since your site tells me how much each dollar saves me in interest over the term of my mortgage" - Daniel B. California

"I have been enrolled in the FreedomBiWeekly.com biweekly mortgage payment program for over 6 years now. I have saved $34,000 in interest payments and only have 7 years remaining on my mortgage. I simply love your biweekly mortgage program and you website that makes everything so simple to track." - Sharon G. Florida

"I have each of my 4 rental homes enrolled in the FreedomBiWeekly.com biweekly payment plan. I love seeing the equity being built in my rental homes and the ease of budgeting your plan provides." - Dantez O. Nevada

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